Monday, February 28, 2011

There isn't much to report today. Benjamin was put on a drug yesterday to make him get rid of some fluid but now he's getting rid of too much so they are lowering the dose of one drug & stopping the other. So it looks like his kidneys are starting to work again. Today they are going to take the CRT line out:) One less line in him:) He is still on the oscillating ventilator and they have adjusted the settings again. For now he is going to stay on the oscillating ventilator but it looks like he might be switched to the conventional one in the next couple days. He is still sleeping a lot even though they have lowered his sedation. He's not very responsive right now although we sometimes notice a change in his numbers when we are talking to him or stroking him. It seems like forever since we've gotten to hold him or have him talk to us. But I'm glad he's not fighting the machinery.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your updates .Glad to hear that he is getting better day by day .We are thinking and praying for you all. love Dad and Eleanore .

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Benjamin is doing a little bit better. You are in our thoughts and prayers all day.(Hugs)
Love Uncle Adam & Aunt Annie

Daleste & Blair said...

Thanks for keeping us updated You are all in our thoughts daily! Sounds like he is making progress.

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY to hear Benjamin is doing better - God hears our prayers :)

You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

Hang in there Mom, Dad and Benjamin, you have many people Praying for You and also that Love you.

Barb Delviken

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is doing so much better. We are continuing to keep you all in our prayers.