Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benjamin's condition

Last Friday Benjamin was admitted to ARH with pneumonia. He seemed to be doing ok although he was on quite a bit of oxygen and very miserable. Yesterday he went downhill very fast. When I got there he was on 5L O2 (oxygen), then 1/2 hr after I got there he started going downhill. He went up to 7L O2 and still wasn't doing great. So they switched him to a different set up that gives 15L O2 at 95% O2. He still wasn't doing good at all. They told me that they would have to intubate him and send him to Children's. They took him to the OR (operating room) to intubate him. It seemed to take a very long time. We finally convinced them to let us into the recovery room. What we saw there we were not expecting at all. He was on the ventilator but not doing good at all. His sats were at 55-60 and they were doing all they could. I asked the doctor if I should go with as well or drive behind and he told me to go in the helicopter because he might not even make it to Children's. And then he started crying. They tried to stabilize him in ARH but couldn't so finally they said they'd just have to go with him unstable since they could do more at Children's for him. Off we went in the helicopter. His sats were running from 55-65 the whole way there and the medics later told us that if anything had happened they had no more options and he would not have made it. Thankfully he stabilized a bit.

This morning when we went to see him we were told by the nurse that he had an ok night. He said that he is stablely unstable which means that if anything happens there is nothing more they can do since he is at 100% O2 on the oscillating ventilator. He mentioned that the doctor was going to talk to us about an ECLS (heart machine). We don't really know too much about this machine yet- just what we could glean off the Internet. They don't want him working at all. They just want the machines doing all the work for him until his lung function gets better. We don't know what God has in store for Benjamin. We ask that you pray for strength for us for the unknown. And for God's will for Benjamin whatever that may be. And that we would be at peace with God's will.

Love you Benjamin very much. Mommy & Daddy hope you can come home again and be a part of our family!


Martin and Wieska said...

We are praying - for all of you. For healing, for peace, for everything each one of you needs in these incredibly tough days.

Robert-Sandra said...

Dear Gary & Greta,
I haven't stopped thinking about or praying for you since I read your status update on facebook last night. Please know that many people are praying for you guys and, most of all, that God knows your situation and is very near at all times. I hope and pray that God will give each of you the strength that you need for every moment of this time.
Hugs, love & prayers,
Robert & Sandra

Anonymous said...

Benjamin and the rest of your family are in our prayers.
Trish & Dave Anker & kids