Monday, February 21, 2011

Benjamin may be coming off ECMO today. They are in the midst of weaning his sweep gas to see if his CO2 levels will be alright off ECMO. They also want him off it because he now has another infection in his lungs from being so sick & on machines for so long. They don't want this infection to get into his blood stream and there is a greater risk of this if he is on ECMO. If he does well for the next few hours, they hope to take the cannulae out at about 3pm. The doctor said that he is doing much better on the oscillating ventilator but he is not yet out of the woods. We're excited that he is going to be off ECMO but worried about the infection.

We are looking forward to seeing Devon in a couple hours:) Oh yeah, Alice too;)


Evelyn van Egdom said...

WOW!! This is a big step! Praying everything goes well today!! Enjoy your time with Devon......and Alice ;)


Eileen said...

Another baby step in the right direction. We pray that today everything will go smoothly. Hugs and love. Eileen and Doug Gunn

Anonymous said...

Another step in the right direction! Glad to hear that he may be coming off the machine! We will pray that he does well coming off the machine and that the lung infection goes away quickly and without complication. Have a good visit with Devon!


Anonymous said...

Things are improving with Benjamin,but there is still a road to travel .We pray that it may be short and sweet for all of you. Have a wonderful time with Devon and Alice when they visit you at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Love Dad and Eleanore.

Rennie said...

Our thoughts and prayers are also with you as you're going through this difficult time.
Simon and Rennie Rozendal