Saturday, June 26, 2010

FVCDC Walk-a-thon

Today we went on a walk-a-thon for the Fraser Valley Child Development Center.

It was their first annual walk to raise money for the center for things such as harnesses for the treadmill, special toys for special kids, and other devices. Our goal was to raise $1000 for them since they have been such a help in our lives. When we set that goal we both thought that we’d never be able to raise that much money. But we sent out an e-mail to a bunch of people and raised $1110. We both thought that this was a great way to raise awareness for them and to give back to them for all they’ve done and are still doing for us as a family.

The FVCDC has been a part of our lives since Benjamin & Kyle came home from the hospital. They are especially a great help to Benjamin. Since Benjamin came home we have had help from their physiotherapist, occupational therapist & speech therapist. Physio especially has been awesome. When Benjamin first came home he couldn’t even lift his head up off a pillow even though he was almost a year old. Since then he has come so far with their help. Now he can stand with support & walk in his KidWalk (see picture below) and his Crocodile (which we are in the process of getting). He also goes to the center once a week and goes on their treadmill while suspended in a harness. This teaches him the walking motion and strengthens his legs. They are also involved in setting up one on one support for preschool.

The walk was a lot of fun. After the walk they also had a bouncy castle, which both boys loved. It was neat because they let Benjamin, Kyle & myself go in there without any other kids so that Benjamin could also experience it. Then we went in the back of a police car. Hopefully that is the only time my kids will ever be in a police car;) We also went in a fire truck. Then there was a kids concert by Charlotte Diamond as well as lunch.

So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored us for this walk. It was a great success.

Benjamin in the firetruck

Benjamin in the police car

Kyle in the firetruck

Benjamin, Kyle & myself in the bouncy castle

Enjoying the kids concert while standing with a little bit of support

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