Thursday, May 13, 2010

Benjamin loves to color and use the aquadoodle. He will just sit there for about 10 min playing with it. He is also starting to talk & babble more. The other day we met with the pediatrician and his team of therapists and someone was talking about paper when all of a sudden he said "paper". That is one word I have never heard him use before.

Some of the words he says are:
- paper
-bye, bye
-papa (just started saying this for daddy, Gary was so excited)
-ma, mama
-no way (of course this is one of his first words)

We were told on Tuesday that there is a team at Sunnyhill that they are going to get to assess him and come up with a way for him to express himself more through some sort of speech. I've tried teaching him signing but because he only really uses one hand he has a hard time with it since most of the signs use two hands. Apparently there are more things out there that he can use to communicate with us. So I am excited to find out more about this. I think that he has a lot in his little head that he can't get out and sometimes gets frustrated because he can't tell us what he wants.

Yesterday we went to Costco with Mom K and I forgot the confirmation # for my photos. I was just down Corbould so we turned around and went back. As soon as I was close to our house Benjamin started whining like he knew that we were going back home. So I think he understands a lot more than he expresses.

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