Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's hard to believe that Devon is already almost 6 weeks old. Time has just flown by. The first week was a bit hectic since Devon decided to feed every hour for 1/2 an hour day & night. It was great that Mom & Dad K had the boys the first week. But after that life settled a bit. Now he only takes about 15 minutes or so to feed. Things are so different from when the boys came home from the hospital. I remember feeding Kyle a bottle witth a book beside me because he took 45 minutes to finish 60 ml. Devon is so much stronger. He's already changing quite a bit. He started smiling at a month or so. I tried to catch it on camera but never could quite catch it. Now he smiles every time we talk to him. Although the last couple days he's been quite fussy since he has a cold. We've brought the swing up and he loves to sit in there. During the day I have to put it in the hallway behind the gate if he wants to go in there since Benjamin & Kyle love to push him in the swing;) He's getting better in the evenings too. Not as colicy (sp?) which is great! He's only been feeding once or twice a night too so most days I feel somewhat rested depending on how B&K sleep.

Devon at almost 2 weeks old

Devon at 1 month old- trying to catch
that smile on camera. You can kind of
see it but not that great.

Devon sleeping peacefully this morning.
He had 2 thumbs up but by the time I
grabbed the camera one was down.

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