Saturday, January 2, 2010

Excitement filled day

Today was an excitement filled day for two reasons- one bad & one good.

This morning I went for my pregnancy glucose test. From all the comments I've heard about it I thought I'd be drinking this orange, frothy, syrupy, disgusting drink. Well, I was surprised. It was actually not that bad. I just wasn't ready for the fizz and drank it all in one sitting and then realized it was fizzy. Which made my eyes fill up with tears and me exclaim, "I didn't realize it was fizzy!" So then I sat there for an hour and they took my blood. I went home for about 15 minutes and then took off to Abbotsford to get Gary's present and a few other things. I was in the Walmart there for about a 1/2 hour when I started to feel really weird. I started shaking and feeling really light-headed. I thought for sure I was going to pass out so leaning heavily on my grocery cart I headed to the till and asked the lady to watch my cart while I went to McDonalds. I ordered a chicken nugget meal and sat down. I then wolfed down that meal really fast because I thought I might feel better. I must have looked a sight since I was eating really fast and still shaking. After eating the meal and having 3 large ice-teas, about 20 minutes later I finally started feeling normal. Well, since I didn't want to drive until I was sure the dizziness had passed I went and paid for my items and sat in the van for 10 minutes. Then I went to the mall to find a gift for Gary. After I was in there for a while to make sure I was ok, I finally headed home. I guess I'll find out from the doctor next week why this happened.

The good excitement that happened today is that we finished setting up the boys' new twin beds. Then we moved all their clothes over and made up the beds. The boys went to bed soon after this. After sitting on their new beds to pray, we told Kyle to give kisses to everyone. He was so anxious to sleep in his new bed that he started to crawl under the sheets. But we made him give kisses and hugs to Benjamin and us (of course) and then tucked him in. He was so excited and started pointing at his cars comforter saying "big car, big car". Then we tucked Benjamin in. He just wanted to kick off all the blankets since he was so excited. I guess we'll see how their night goes. So far we haven't heard a peep so hopefully the rest of the night is just as good. They look so small in their new beds though. It makes me want to cry because my babies are growing up.


Anonymous said...

SO cute in the big beds. We just moved Kennedy too ... amazing how fast they grow!! Hope all is well in the end with the glucose test ... the drink is much like orange crush, isn't it??

Elena said...

cute!! i bet they feel all grown up! but i guess they aren't going to be your babies any more :( special though when they reach all these new "grown up" milestones!