Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hmmm..... what to write. I've been mia for a while so there's lots to tell.

Benjamin and Kyle both ended up in the hospital a few weeks ago. At first they thought it was H1N1 but it turned out to be a nasty virus. Kyle actually was worse than Benjamin being on 4L on O2 for a bit. An RT actually came down to check that the ventolator was in working order. It was quite a scary weekend. Plus the fact that I had it too. I didn't end up in the hospital but it was pretty scary being told you have H1N1 when you're pregnant. Well, they did the swab and it came back negative thankfully.

I am 25.5 weeks pregnant now. It's amazing to think that I had the boys at 25 weeks. We were looking at pictures when I was 25 weeks and were amazed to think that this little monkey probably looks just like that. Well, I guess depending on whether it's a girl or boy. I still think it's a girl as everything is so different and not just because it's only one in there. But we shall see:)

The boys got their booster H1N1 shot the other day and the last couple days have been teaching me a lot of patience. Not that I learnt a lot as I'm very impatient these days. They are so cranky and sometimes I just go downstairs for a bit so I don't have to listen to them. What a bad mother, eh? But sometimes I just can't stand it.

Yesterday we started moving our office downstairs to make room for the baby room. We're hoping to move the boys into the old office for a few days and paint their room first. They are getting twin beds as well as new dressers and their furniture will go to the new baby. So we are doing a theme of cars in their room and hoping to paint their room blue. Then we will start on the baby room. It's lots of fun but sometimes I'm just impatient and want it done now. Especially since I'm not allowed to help with a lot.

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