Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hmmm, what's new in our lives. Today I am 17 weeks along:) So, hopefully 23 more to go! Next week I get to see the specialist again. So I am hoping for a good report. I've really been trying to take it easy.

Benjamin has been going forward in his KidWalk for the past couple weeks. He's getting really good at it. Except now our kitchen has become too small for him. So I'm planning on taking him to our church gym once a week so he'll have a bit more freedom to maneuver. His oxygen level has been really good lately. He's been off O2 during the day and at 1/2L for his naps and at night time. The only scary thing that's been happening lately is that he's been stopping breathing in his sleep. It only happens about once every two weeks but it seems like it's getting worse every time. The last time Gary actually had to hit him quite hard across the face as that was the only way to wake him up so he'd start breathing again. Gary felt like such a bully but it had to be done since he wouldn't wake up from anything else. So we are going to see a different respirologist who specializes more in the sleep area and hopefully he can figure out what is going on. Benjamin has also been getting into more trouble lately. The other day I found him in his bedroom with all his clothes from his drawer around him. What a monkey!! I was not very happy with him at the time as I had just folded all the clothes but now thinking about it, it's a really good developmental sign. He's also started babbling more. He'll sit with a book and just babble while looking at the pages.

Kyle likes to climb things lately. His newest thing is climbing on top of the top cushions of the couch. He also likes to sit smack beside Benjamin and "read" him a book. It's so cute to watch. Today they were playing side by side and I had to do a double-take because I thought Benjamin was actually Kyle. Even though they are about 4-5lbs apart they still look very much alike especially from the side. Kyle also has this fascination with cars & trucks lately. We'll be driving in town and all I hear from the back seat is "truck, truck, truck."

It's really neat watching them in the different stages in their lives. I really enjoy it. Especially the bond Benjamin and Kyle have. It's really special and I feel blessed to be a mother of twins. There's something special about it.

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LeanneO said...

oh Greta, I'm so with you! This twin business might be busy but there is something so special about it that is different than being a mom of singletons. That is quite the exciting report on Mr. Benjamin! Hooray! Hooray! I would love to see his smile as he discovers all that space in the gym to play. And that story telling stuff? Makes the heart squeeze. Both of those boys of yours are awfully lovable and I'm just the neighbor! Hugs to you, dear!