Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So I'm really a tad bit behind in posting. I meant to do this sooner but life has been busy lately & updating the blog is not my first priority:) The boys celebrated their 2nd birthday on Feb 15. It was a great day. We had the grandparents over that day and they got spoiled. We went in with Grandma & Grandpa Kanis and bought a wagon for them. It also turns into a bench for at the beach etc. They love to sit in this wagon:) I even worked in the garden a few weeks ago while they sat in the wagon and watched me and it worked very well. Grandma Hansma got them a cube with different beads etc on the sides & top. It's one of those cubes that you see at Drs offices. They really love to play with it.

We then had a little kids party for them the next week and they loved visiting with all their little cousins. They got spoiled at this party too. Benjamin refused to even play with his cupcake and instead threw it off his tray onto the ground. Kyle thought that it was a little messy so had to eat his cupcake with a spoon. It was very cute.

We had to go to Children's last Thursday to visit neurosurgery & opthamology. It went really well. Neurosurgery said that he needs an MRI in September and then if that shows that everything is good in Benjamin's brain and the endoscopic fenestration (kind of like a shunt) is still working great, then he only has to have MRIs when we think something is wrong. Opthamology said that the patching has really improved Benjamin's left eye. He is far sighted in both eyes but not enough to need glasses yet:) Kyle is near sighted in both eyes but also doesn't need glasses yet. While we were in opthamology Kyle kept taking off on me down the hallways. He loves to walk and tries to run now. Little stinker:)

Friday we have to go back to Children's to see respirology. We have a bunch of questions for them especially since Benjamin had a really bad night the other night. He kept stopping breathing about 6-8 times and we ended up having to pat him to get him to realize that he wasn't breathing. So we'd like to know why he is doing that. He has done it once before but never this bad. And then Sunday he was on room air (off oxygen) most of the day so we don't really know what was up.

Anyway, I'll put up some pictures and then I better get some things done around here:)
On their birthday Kyle enjoying cake & Benjamin enjoying playing with the cake
The cube they got from Grandma Hansma

Opening presents at their birthday party

All the kids

Mommy & her boys

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belated congrats with their birthdays-glad all is going well so far and praying for many more years to be added to them yet.