Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Much has gone on since I last posted. Kyle came home from the hospital on the Sunday night and is now basically back to normal. He still wakes up with night terrors once in a while from being in the hospital but he's eating and drinking good again.
Benjamin is over his cold:) We're also switching him to a new formula called Nutren Junior. He has done very well with the transition. He's now down to 4 feeds a day which makes his schedule a little easier.
We're off to Children's again on Tuesday to see the respirologist & opthamologist. Both boys need their eyes checked and Benjamin needs his lungs checked.
Kyle is walking now:) It is so cute to see. He's still a bit wobbly but when he falls he just gets back up & keeps going. Benjamin learnt a new word this past week- "baby". Kyle's been saying this word for a while so I guess Benjamin picked it up from him. Benjamin is doing great with his skootching. He's really gotten good at moving across the room. Sometimes it's interesting with the cords since his oximeter cord isn't that long:) But we're glad he's getting a little mobile:)
I had better go now since IDP is coming in 5 minutes:)

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LeanneO said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Greta. Are you all healthy there again? Did you get to work today?
I am looking forward to seeing a video clip of both Benjamin and Kyle walking or maybe I should just stop in and see it. :)
Hope you get a walk in on one of these sunny afternoons.