Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lots of Pictures:)

Auntie Debbie with Kyle

Nicoline & Kyle.


Benjamin- I love the expression on his face.

Benjamin & Kyle holding hands.

Benjamin contemplating on life.

Benjamin & Kyle telling secrets

sleeping together

Kyle sleeping peacefully in his crib. Loves to just hold his soother.

Cousin Jacob & Kyle. Jacob is only 4 weeks older.

Ana & Kyle
Auntie Betty & Kyle

Uncle Oliver & Kyle

Oma & Opa Hansma & Kyle

Uncle Benjamin & Kyle

Auntie Elizabeth & Kyle

Auntie Sheena & Kyle

Bethany & Kyle
Madeleine & Kyle

Mikayla & Kyle

Daddy & Kyle enjoying a nap after work
Kyle's very cute smile


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! The boys sure are starting to plump up! What big boys they are from when they first entered the world! Glad to hear they are doing so well. Enjoy each moment as it comes. Each is a great memory to remember for years to come! See you on Sunday!
-Joss & Michelle de Raadt, Gregory, Rachel and James

Anonymous said...

Wow, your boys looks wonderful.