Monday, June 18, 2007

Still not transferred :(

Well, Benjamin didn't get transferred today either. Poor guy! He is a bit irritable as I'm sure he has headaches from the pressure in his head. Hopefully he actually gets transferred tomorrow.


arlene timmer said...

Hi greta&gary, we are finally hooked up to internet again. I want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily.We willbe praying especially for little benjamin as he awaits surgery. love,arlene

Betty Hansma said...

Hey Greta and Gary, we're looking here every day to find out if Benjamin's gotten his transfer. We continue to pray in the meantime.

We hope you're also getting as much sleep as possible despite the stress, because when Kyle's home you're gonna be so stretched! We're excited he'll be home, but we're already feeling the beginning of sympathy at how tired you'll be then!

We have (Betty has) some questions: do you know any more about Benjamin's surgery? Is it fairly routine? Is it pretty serious to the doctors? Has the clot always been there or did it form recently? How did they find it? Sorry if I've overwhelmed you.

Take care. :)

bjbeeke said...

Two months.. wow that's great! God is so good. We'll be praying for you all and especially little Benjamin as he awaits surgery. And that's wonderful news that Kyle will soon be coming home!
Take care,
with love the Beeke's