Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kyle home

Well, Kyle came home last night- actually this morning by the time he finished his car seat test etc. He is doing well- although a little out of sorts in his new environment. We didn't sleep much last night being new nervous parents. But we are both doing good.

Benjamin is going for surgery on Monday sometime. That's all for now since I don't have a lot of time to write.


Margaret said...

I am SO thrilled with Kyle's homecoming. God is sure good! I am sure that Benjamin will soon follow, hang in there. I have been following the boys' progress every day, and really appreciate the updates.


Melena said...

Welcome home Kyle! Congrats you guys! Thats exciting news!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhh!!! Welcome Home Kyle. Good to hear things are good with you all, hope you get some good rest before Benjamin comes home too...wont be long now.
Take Care
Kim Burkett

Jewel Bug said...

Yippee!!!! What an amazing feeling it is to bring a baby home, I am sure Benjamin will be home soon. Thank you for being so faithful to update the world, your story is truely miraculous and shows the goodness of God. Love you All and have a wonderful time!!

Liz, Adrian and Jewel