Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday, May 23

Benjamin was doing good today. He went back on high flow early yesterday morning since he was breathing too fast and too deep. Nana said she could see his ribs because he was breathing so deep. I think it’s going to be a big switcheroo between high flow and low flow. That is all right though. Yesterday Robert was on and let Auntie Ali hold Benjamin for the first time- she was SO excited. He came out with a gown for her and I saw her eyes light up. We also went shopping at Walmart and found the cutest outfit for the boys.

Today Benjamin’s gases came back good. His carbon dioxide level is good and his PH is also good. He was a little crank pot when I first got there today but settled down. Mom Kanis got to hold him for the first time today. He was a little cranky while she was holding him because he kept spitting out his soother and wanting it back. Mom was holding the feed and I was holding Kyle so he didn’t always get it back right away. I held him for the next feed and he did a huge poop- the nurses could hear it in the next pod. Then he wasn’t so cranky anymore. He is already 1990 grams or 4lbs, 6 oz.

Kyle took half his feed yesterday by breastfeeding. This was a huge accomplishment for him. He is getting so big and a lot of the hats I have at the hospital don’t fit him anymore. I found some at home that I have to wash so hopefully those fit. He is still off oxygen and I think he’s going to stay off. Yahoo!!!! Great job Kyle! Today he had a sore tummy and cried for a while. I picked him up and held him and rubbed his back and he finally fell asleep.

P.S. Remember to vote for Kyle. The link is in the previous post. You can vote once a day and I think the contest closes the middle of June.

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Betty Hansma said...

Greta, I also found 2 hats here that may fit your boys: they fit mine when he was a newborn and all the others were too big. :)