Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday, March 13

Benjamin holding Mommy's finger

Kyle laying comfy on his stomach- his best position

I finally got to see my boys again. It was great.

Kyle was very excited when he heard my voice. He opened his eyes and started moving a bit. After a while he was tired again and went back to sleep. His oxygen level was very good today. It ranged from 21 – 25% (21% is room air so that is great). They did hear a faint murmur from his PDA but the nurse said that is normal. He is getting fed 2 ml every 3 hours. He weighs 735 grams (down 5g). Just as we were about to leave, I got asked if I would like to hold Kyle. I am just getting over a cold so I had to say no. It was the hardest thing to do, but I know that it is best for him. Hopefully later this week I can hold him again and hold Benjamin for the first time.

Benjamin was very sleepy today until the end. Then he started kicking and trying to do push-ups. It was fun to see. He would wait until the nurse walked away and then move around and set his alarms off. What a little monkey! They do hear a murmur from his PDA and are going to do an echocardiogram. He is getting fed 5 ml every 2 hours. He weighs 765 grams (up 5g). We have not gotten his results back from his head ultrasound but should get them either tonight or tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you could see your boys today. They are so little and precious...I can only imagine how big those little pampers must be :)
We are praying that God will continue to uphold you and Gary during this time.
Joel, Brenda and Tianna Hampson

Melena said...

Hi Greta!

It was so nice to see you yesterday! You have been on all of our minds of course, and it was nice to see that you are staying so strong and keeping such a good head on your shoulders! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come say hi! See you soon and if you need anything...even just a sanity break...just give a shout ok! Take care! Melena

Gerald and Elma said...

Greta and Gary
It's wonderful to see the progress with your little ones! I can see that they've grown just in the past week. We are praying for you and praising God for His mercies! Remember to take some time out for yourselves, it's a long road ahead yet. Love from Gerald & Elma, Mark, Kathleen and Megan Wubs

Anonymous said...

Gary & Greta
I'm so glad you got to see your boys again! It's so neat that your boys know when you're there and respond to you! I love getting the updates... just like everyone else. :) thanks!
We miss you at youth - we're praying for you guys.
Martin & Wieska

Anonymous said...

Gary & Greta,
Beautiful pictures! The kids (and us too) love looking at them, thanks for including them in your blog. Your boys already know how special you are and how much they are loved, how neat. Praise God that you could go see them again!
Love you
Bert, Deb & Gang

Sabrina said...

Greta, You are so strong it amazes me. Your boys are precious, I hope that you are all better soon so you can continue giving them their cuddles. Take care, and keep it up, you really truly are amazing. ( so is your husband :) )

Anonymous said...


You don't know me, but I am an employee at Barton's. As a mother of a preemie... I know what you are going through! It is a long tough road, but you will make it!!! And every day, month and year gets easier. You are doing so great MaMa!!!!!

Continually thinking and praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...


I've met you before, and I am fortunate to work with Evelyn. :)

What beautiful boys you have, they are so very precious! I am amazed and grateful at the miracle God is doing in your boys and for the strength and joy He has given you and Gary. Please know that I have all of you in my prayers continually. Thank you for the daily updates! :)

Colleen Koop