Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Monday, March 5

Kyle is feeding 1 ml every 2 hours, which they hope to increase to 2 ml every 2 hours at midnight. They are giving him a platelet transfusion because his platelets are low. They think the medication for the PDA has worked since they are not hearing a murmur. I hope and pray that it has worked and that he doesn’t have to go for surgery. The doctors tested his blood because they think he has an infection. He also had a head ultrasound today to check for a hemorrhaging. We’re praying that there is none still.

Benjamin is on the medication for his PDA so he is not feeding. He is on single strength morphine, which they are trying to wean him off. His IV burn is looking much better today. His blood count is high and there is yeast in the urine so they think he has an infection. He needed another blood transfusion today. While he was having the transfusion the doctor did a lumber tap to check for infection and Benjamin’s IV came out of his head a little bit and the blood went between his skull and skin. He has a bump on his head now, which looks painful, but the nurse said it would go away in a couple of days. Daddy went there later that night and said that the bump was mostly gone already and there is just a little bruising so that is good.

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