Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday, March 30

It's 3:45 p.m. and we are at Children's Hospital. We have talked to the doctors today and Benjamin & Kyle's surgery is tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m. Both boys are doing good. Benjamin might not be getting surgery tomorrow as the pressure in his blood vessel is too high. We don't really understand this so if there's anyone who reads this and understands what they are talking about, could you please explain it? All we got is that the blood is shunting to another part of the heart and if they close the duct then the pressure will increase even more. They are probably going to do another echocardiogram and then decide whether to do the surgery or not. Kyle is for sure going for surgery although things change in a hurry around here.

Kyle likes being bundled by the nurses and looks very peaceful. They are trying to put an arterial line in right now.

Benjamin was also supposed to have an arterial line put in but they had trouble putting it in and are going to try again in a bit. He looks comfy in his isolette although they have pink sheets. We thought this was kind of funny.

Gary & I are staying at the Heather House- a hostel in the hospital here- for the next couple of nights. We are both very worried but otherwise doing well.


Anonymous said...

I pray that all will go well for Kyle tomorrow, and that Benjamin can have his surgery soon as well. It is great that you can stay near them. Stef

Jewel Bug said...

You guys are all doing great. Keep on doing what you have been doing since the beginning, putting all your trust in God. He will continue to carry you through, God promised that he would never leave you, hold on to that. We are praying for a surgery without complications and a complete recovery for the boys. Give eachother lots of hugs and kisses!
All our Love and Prayers

Adrian, Liz and Jewel

evelyn van egdom said...

Gary & Greta,

May you find comfort & strength in the fact that our Almighty Father is in control. We will be praying that He will guide the surgeons hands as they work on your tiny, handsome boys and that all things may go well.

Love you guys!



Leah said...

From all of us girls in accounting... we check your blog regularly. You and your family are in our prayers. I pray that during this scary, busy and stressful time, you have some time to just sit with your beautiful sons and soak up what a gift they are. It is truly amazing to me to see something so tiny fight so hard. Although every child's situation is different, I just wanted to share a story about another very premature baby:
My nephew, Taelyr, was born at 6 months and lived in an isolette for the next 4 after that. He had several surgeries and transfusions. He also just celebrated his 15th birthday. A testament to just what God is capable of.
Love and Prayers