Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday, March 21

Benjamin was doing okay today. His blood gases came back high this morning and they thought they might have to put him back on the oscillating ventilator. But they took them again at 4 p.m. and I phoned when I got home and they were a bit better so they decided not to. He is getting fed 1 ml every 3 hours now. He weighs 895 grams (up 10g).

Kyle was doing good today. His ventilator settings are still down so that is good. His IV came out and they had to put another one in. A few minutes later his brother followed suit. Kyle is getting fed 2 ml every 2 hours. He weighs 870 grams (down 25g).


Anonymous said...

I just became aware of this blog recently. What a good idea! I am utterly amazed at what I'm reading about these two little fighters.
Greta writes as though she is taking everything in a confident, positive and strong way. To the extent that this is the real you, I'd say, good for you, I hope you can stay positive, even for the kids' sakes. The same goes for Gary.

Adam Slingerland

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the blogs everyday. Thank you so much Greta and Gary for taking the time to write them. Love you lots!!!


Anonymous said...

Gary and Greta, I have been reading the blog regularly.Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers.I could see your enjoyment when you were able to hold Benjamin and Kyle. I was glad to hear of Benjamin's improvement.I am sure Benjamin and Kyle already sense the special place they hold in their Mom and Dad's heart.
Love Aunt Martha

Owen's Mama said...

Hi Greta,

It's been abuot a week since I last read your blog and I'm glad to hear things are still looking well for your little boys. We think and pray for you all often!

- Amy, Gabe, and Owen

Anonymous said...

Dear Greta & Gary, our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. May the LORD continue to give you strength as you deal with the ups and downs of your boys lives. May HE give you comfort to know that they are in HIS hands. This is defenitely a miracle at work! We pray that you may bring them home healthy and well in due time.
Simon & Rennie Rozendal & family